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Marc Adelman             

Marc Adelman: Board Member

Marc Adelman, Elizabeth edwards Foundation

"No one loved the written word more than Elizabeth Edwards. She loved lyrics; she cherished beautiful prose and she always inspired the use of good grammar in those around her. One of my favorite memories of Elizabeth is playing word games with her on a midnight train from New York to Washington. Intellectual curiosity was Elizabeth's hallmark and it is fitting that opportunities in education are the mission of the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation. "

Translating strategic communications and development goals into measurable, highly visible events, campaigns and projects is the hallmark of Marc Adelman’s career. Adelmania Consulting is a strategic "Do-Tank" firm which specializes in public affairs management and strategic planning for corporations, non-profits and foundations focused on reaching and influencing opinion leaders and taste-makers within the Washington, D.C. region and nationally. Adelmania focuses on creating client-specific initiatives that drive interest, awareness and/or fundraising opportunities through both discrete and large-scale projects. Adelman caters to high profile clients as well with regard to social advocacy on and off Capitol Hill. Adelman is a contributing editor to Rodale magazines: Men's Health, Women's Health, PREVENTION and BEST LIFE in addition to Rodale Books. Rodale has been the leading publisher of information on healthy, active lifestyles for more than 60 years with the mission of inspiring and enabling people to improve their lives and the world around them. Adelman joined Rodale after serving as the Washington DC editor of SELF magazine, a Conde Nast Publication where Adelman focused on the magazine's celebration of the power of women in public interest, as consumers and in philanthropy. Adelman has worked closely for The Clinton Foundation, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, The Democratic National Committee, The Alliance for Climate Education and Kerry/Edwards 04. Adelman has extensive experience in creating buzz around new publications and films with previous clients including; Elizabeth Edwards’ New York Times Best Seller, Saving Graces; Condé Nast Traveler Magazine and numerous others.

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